Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 35 - 2nd post of the day - preparing for winter training?

As I think I've mentioned before my Shaw PVR is dying. I still get channels but no guide, no pvr and no shaw on demand. It's now truning off and re-setting about every half an hour.
The service guy came to today to confirm it is dying and that it's no longer under warranty. I apparently have a fabulous signal though. I ask him if he had a PVR I could buy now. The answer was no and he suggested I shop around. Great.

I looked at what shaw had to offer and they've changed things and the deal did not seem all that good. So I checked and Future Shop had a pvr on sale so I bought it online. Then I thought why am I doing this?

I cancelled the order and looked into Telus Optik. That commercial is on heavy rotation in Alberta and the free Xbox isn't such a bad add on. Plus for a small extra charge I could add Kinect. I'm a sucker for the animal commercials. I've also been coveting a X-box kinect. I really like the idea of no controller and the variety of fitness games for those winter days and perhaps the cross training days for my half marathon training schedule. See the earlier post for details on my new adventure.

I attempted to sign up online but right at the moment of confirmation something goofy happened and the page was lost. I didn't want to sign up again without confirming how far it had gone.

So I phone Telus and the guy says we can do it over the phone. He tried to talk me into HD channels. I don't have an HD tv and until it dies I have no intention of replacing it. The package I wanted is $48 month and included my love - time shifting. It will go up by about $20 in 6 months but I am bundling phone and internet as well so at the end of the day it's better then what I'm paying now.

He also told me that they could take care of the cancellation with Shaw.

So now I have a tentative installation date of next Saturday, they'll give a half hour warning somewhere between 8am and 5pm so I should plan to weigh in on Friday that week.

No idea when Shaw will cut the connection so we'll see. I might need to stay up and watch True Blood on Sunday night though.

Hope your Friday was groovy!!!

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