Sunday, June 05, 2011

Day 16 - Post 2 - Gymboss goes outside

Gymboss and I headed outside for my first atttempt at walk/ jog intervals outside in a very long time. I don't enjoy looking at my watch to see how much time has passed. It's not unusual for me to think I've run for a full minute to look down and see it's been like 20 seconds.
All I had to do was run till it beeped then walk till it beeped. It was hard a first as my neighbourhood as a whack of inclines but I made it. I liked how it kept me guessing.

My intervals were 2 min walk/ 1 min jog for 51:26 minutes (there was a bit of a cool down walk after the intervals were done). 6.45 km, 396 calories burned, pace 7:58- 5:57, heart rate 159-181.

I got home and created a bit of a workout plan for this week. Yesterday I bought new stickers. I was getting too complicated with the stickers as I had one for water, one for tracking and one for workouts. I started off well but then gave up. I'm going to keep it simple this time and just use stickers for activity on the calendar. I've started putting stickers in my actual tracker for good weeks or good days. Positive re-inforcement I'm thinking.

How cute are these? My plan is to remind myself everywhere so these will go on the calendar at home, at my desk and in my camp room. The plan to create a bit of streak and to stay focused. One sticker earned today with my walk/ jog.  I have the multicoloured paper clip chain representing every pound I've lost since my starting weight of 204 also in my house, office and camp room.
Alright that's all for me today, hope your weekend was wonderful.


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