Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 34 - Lazy A$$

 Yes, that would be lately.
I once again find myself with one day to weigh in thinking how can I undo the damage I've done all week in one day. Oh I started off well..again. I am developing a pattern of sabotaging myself at the midway point. Well the sabotage started on Monday this week. Perhaps TOM was part of it or just plain laziness.

I'm 34 days into my self imposed 90 day challenge and not exactly doing what I planned.

I've watched all the episodes of Extreme Makeover - Weight Loss Edition and I see a pattern with the contestants/ participants. They start off really well for the first 3 months but that 2nd set of 3 months tends to be less then stellar results.

Now I've been at this weight loss thing for far longer than 3 months but I definitely experience the periods of "whoo hoo" and "boo hoo".

I know I'm being ridiculous and if I want this bad enough I need to make the commitment. So my first week attempt at the Wendie Plan didn't go off as planned.

This is not a throwing in the towel post. Oh no, this makes me want to turn this around even more.

I bought this book:

It's had quite a few positive reviews on Amazon and I first learned about it from another blogger (I'm sorry I can't remember from who).

I want to think of myself as a quiet ninja on this goal so I'm hoping this can help maintain my motivation. I'm good at starting it's the finishing that's a little iffy lately. I've been reading a lot of books about what can cause falling off the wagon but I want to branch out and read something that's not food focused.

I still have about two months left of my self imposed goal and a lot can be done in two months. I did re-evaluate my goal to get to goal and have set a target for Sept. I'm heading to Kingston, ON for a course then and it just seemed a little more realistic so really it's now a 95 day goal but I'll continue the countdown from here and then we'll see what happens.

All you can do when you fall down is get back up.


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Enz said...

Success is getting up one more time than falling down.