Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 31 - The start of progress pics

I very very very rarely put photos of myself on this blog as I like to keep it relatively anonymous. However today I decided to post a full body pic to highlight my newest acquisition from Lululemon which is the Astro Crop. Plus I thought it might be about time to track some sort of photo progress.
So this is me after my walk to the gym and 50min on the treadmill workout on Friday. Yet to happen was the groceries and the walk home.  I just couldn't resist the wall of mirrors. I'm 170ish in this picture as the next day I weighed in at 170.2. I don't really have any pictures from the beginning at 204 as I was pretty good at avoiding cameras. Really it was like I had spidey senses. I remember being in Germany and my cousin's boyfriend would try to take a  picture and I'd casually side step behind a statue or tree.
Forgive the spacing as blogger is doing something odd. I've never bought bottoms from Lululemon before. I took the plunge on these as I wanted a crop for summer and the reviews were really good. I'm considering maybe getting another. They are rather fitted which is out of my comfort zone but it's a Women only gym so I'm cool with that. The top is Under Armor and the shoes Mizuno.

Today was fairly low key. I made Turkey Chili (followed the directions on the Old El Paso seasoning pack substituted turkey for beef) for today's lunch and to bring with me tomorrow for lunch, I did laundry, next up is dishes and the wrap down to being in bed as I fly out tomorrow morning.

The weather has been erratic. It rained all night and the more rain seems to swoop in and out on a whim. As I did a killer workout on Friday and lighter workout yesterday I decided to have rest day today. My goal is to hit the treadmill tomorrow for another round of intervals.

Today is also a 29 point day and that's on track.

I hope you all had a fabulous Sunday.



Enz said...

I'm just gonna is so wonderful to SEE you :)


Rachel said...

Ha! Love the "spidey" sense comment :) You look great :) I've never been able to resist a mirror, because I'm extremely vain so just imagine me in front of a wall of mirrors, ha!