Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seriously looking forward to days off

It was a weird week my friends, the whole disruption in my schedule of working Monday in the city and then getting to site combined with cold hanging on a bit especially the stuffed nose then add the dreaded time of the month.

I sort of tried to track one day. I haven't set foot in a gym this week and yet I feel optimistic.

My new love is twitter. At first I didn't get it. Now I thoroughly enjoy the randomness of it all. I love tweetdeck to help me keep track of the people I follow plus the people who message me and not to mention the ability to have columns were I can keep track of #weightwatchers, #bl11 (Biggest Loser 11) and #propoints. There's a lot of positivity on there and I just ignore the haters.

I added a new search column recently and it's #7daychip  in a nutshell it's a group of people committing to 7 days of focusing on healthy behaviour. You set whatever goal you want. There's also a 30 day and 100 day version. I'm more doing it to just focus for 7 days and I'll tweet about it. Baby steps maybe 30 and 100 are to follow.

My 7 day chip starting tomorrow is no sweets so that's no cookies, no jello, no pudding, no FF cool whip. I tweeted this today. They have been common occurences this week. I'm going to add another one here though and that's tracking. I was super good before I left for Vegas and then coming home with a cold that all kind of slid so it's coming back.

I'm not waiting for weigh in on Saturday. Oh and I'm going to weigh in on Saturday no matter what my home scale says. I have to kick this in gear.

On the plane home I started reading the The 17 Day Diet and I stopped a few chapters in. The basic thoughts behind it super similar to WW. I know WW works so I'm not going to mess with it. However the focus will be on lean protein, veggies, healthy carbs sort of thing.

I'm returning to the gym tomorrow and I will be there on Saturday and Sunday as well. Next week my schedule is as per usual but the following week it's shaken up again so the commitment focus is now.

Alright off to bed, hope your week was fantastic!!!!!


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