Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Persistence over perfection

The fabulous Enz mentioned that in a comment today that I'll post tomorrow. That is truly the key to staying on track and focused. Focusing on perfection is an easy way to become frustrated. Persistence is overcoming road blocks.

I declared a rest day today. I had a rather spectacular face plant right at the front doors of camp. I tripped on a step and smack in front of a bus full if witnesses. A bruised knee and bruised pride is all that happened.

I got offered a linebacker position for handling it so well as I just jumped right back up. I told him I prefer defense.

I've set a side what I need to take home tomorrow as there a few things I have at camp that need to come to Vegas. Working a 4 day week makes the countdown to the weekend pretty fast. I have a lot to do this weekend to prepare for my amazing race week next week.

I'm yawning now so it's an early bed time for me.

Hope your Wednesday was awesome.


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getting Fit said...

good luck on your race!