Tuesday, March 08, 2011

8 days to Vegas

I'm afraid rather boring titles for the next little while as my countdown to Vegas continues.

Looked at the weather there today and it looks a little all over the map +20c to +9c but it still sounds good to me compared to the -28 to -13 weather now.

Today was kind of a meh day. It wasn't bad and it wasn't fabulous. It was somewhere in between. I did spend a few hours today working on a spreadsheet that decided to disintegrate into the universe and I had to re do it. Annoying but didn't ruin my day. I did use a few flexpoints for an oatmeal cookie but there are still 43 remaining for the week and thus far I've earned 33 Aps so far. I tell you the jogging makes a huge difference. Scale is moving in the right direction. I really have no reason to complain about anything. So a meh day is nothing.

Food went pretty well today to and I did my 3 min run night. I forgot my heart rate monitor today so snazzy information but rather simply I did a 5 min warm up and the combo of 3 min run/jog with 1.5 min walking for 8 times and then a 5 min cool down.

Not sure if I'll make it all the way through Biggest Loser tonight. My pvr is recording it at home. I'm a bit suprised at the twitter universe's anger towards the red team for voting Arthur off. So we'll see what happens tonight. I think you need to remove the cash prize for this not to be a game. Of course that also serves as some pretty powerful motivation. I wonder what I would do if I were in their place.

Loved Village on a Diet yesterday and it actually made me teary. It will be very interesting to see next week when they go back 4 months later. Living in a winter climate can make activity difficult or not quite as easy when the weather is nice.

Alright my friends BL is about to start so I'll talk to you later.


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Enz said...

I love that you had a "meh" day but still did good stuff. The longer I work at this weight loss thing, the more I realise that every day doesn't have to be stellar. It's ok to have meh, routine days where I just do my thing.

Persistence, not perfection, will get us to our goal weight.