Sunday, March 06, 2011

10 day to Vegas

Hello my friends,
I hope you all had a great Sunday.

I took this picture from the plane going home on Thursday. I just thought it was pretty and wanted to share.

I headed out once again to the gym. I got a few doors down and realized I forgot my garmin so I had to back track. This morning had slightly better temperatures (-15c) and it was sunny so it was a pleasant walk to the gym. I hit the treadmill for a run day and today was 5 min warm up and 2.5min jog/run and 2 min walk. I did that 10 times then in my last charge to the cool down I did a 4min jog/run then a 6min cool down. This was the first time the jog/run had more minutes then the walk.

I was on there for one hour today, 7.26km/ 515 calories burned/ 6:57 -8:16 pace/ HR 135-174. Next jog/run/walk day is Tuesday and the goal is 3min jog/run, 1.5 min walk...eeek.

Then I walked home and made lunch which was a really simple grilled cheese sandwich with some snap peas, grape tomatos and mini pickles on the side. I made the Angel food cake mix plus on can of light cherry pie filling cake (mix together bake for 30min at 350). It's so yummy and WW friendly. It's safely in the fridge downstairs right now.

Then I got down to housework and all I have left to do is put laundry away, pack the work bag which includes making a list of what food I'm brining so I don't forget anything.

I've been craving pizza lately so I made a plan to make my own this weekend. This wound up being today's supper. I got the Pillsbury pizza dough and made 6 mini pizza shells. Tonight's pizza was spicy turkey bite, onion and kraft light italiano shredded cheese. Came in at 7 ppts.

I started my Vegas list today as in the things I want to get when I'm there. On the list are things like extra desserts gum, wasabi soy almonds, dark chocolate Bounty bar. Funny how it's all food related...oh and perhaps an another pair of the Nike Free XT to take to site. I was talking to one of friends yesterday and telling her how next weekend I plan the wardrobe and will probably need to buy a few things. She then pointed something out that I was forgetting - why not get stuff there. Duh, the Canadian dollar is doing well so that's a thought.

I also need to start a list of what I need to pack as that has to happen next weekend before I go to work for two days then fly home late before heading out the next day. There's little stuff I need to squeeze into next week like going to the bank and getting a mani & pedi.

Alright time to wind down and think about bed as it's an early wake up call tomorrow.


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