Sunday, March 13, 2011

3 sleeps to Vegas...

Hello my friends,

Crazy day yesterday but let me start with weigh in. Down 1.2 which took me 168.2.  So close to my all time low on WW but I'll take it.

At the meeting we wound up talking about Simply Filling because one of the group was trying it out. That caused a bit of a discussion because when people heard the "no tracking" part there was some oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Our leader quickly explained that you're focused on power foods and you eat till satisfied. That's when people got a little more wise. Eating till satisfied is an issue for a lot of people as our level of satisfaction can be dependant on our old habits. I know I will have to track forever or audit myself every so often. Our leader actually suggested that to track for a week every so often as everyone's portions can creep up if you're following the simply filling technicque.

I had to leave early to make it across the street to my mani and pedi appointment. I miscalculated how long that took and practically had to run home so I could get to my hair appointment.

I checked my messages when I got home and there was one from the hair salon asking if my appointment could me moved as my stylist had to instruct a class to sub for another stylist. I go to Aveda Acadmeny. I told them that it had to be on Saturday. They're closed on Sunday, I can't pop out on Monday as I'm in a meeting all day. Tuesday I go back to site and then on Wednesday I'm off to Vegas.

Happily I still got in. A student cut my hair as my stylist watched carefully so all is well with the world and it cost me $18 dollars.

My friend K messaged me if I wanted to go to Chinook mall as I had a few hours to kill before dinner so we wandered around the mall for a bit.

We then met our boss at this awesome Italian restaurant. A lot of food and a lot of wine was consumed but loads of laughs as well.

That did give me a little foreshadowing as I need to keep it together in Vegas as it's so easy to get caught up in the moment. I'll follow the 80/20 rule and think of my food in terms of the whole day.

Today I must pack even though now I'm leaving for site on Tuesday, I want to do a prepack today and then cull if necessary on Monday. I need to pop into Walmart today to just get some odds and ends.

I might attempt a run/walk outside today as the weather is nicer...this will be my first attempt outside after mulitple attempts and aborting C25K before. I think what's working for me this time is I'm following my own program.

Might be back later.

Hope you had a great Saturday and a great Sunday so far.


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Enz said...

Yay on the loss. I'm like you, I've finally accepted I am always going to have to track what I way or the other.