Friday, March 11, 2011

Lucky day with the exception of losing another pair of mittens

Hello my friends,

Wowser was it an adventure getting home yesterday. As we were on our way to the airport we got an email saying our flight was delayed due to mechanical issues. We get there and we're told mechanics are working away. At 6pm (our normal arrival time) we're told we have to wait for the 8pm plan to give our plane a boost. My first thought was "they can do that?". I have never in my life heard of a plane boosting another plane, are there jumper cables for planes?

Alas it had to do with air pressure. Our plan was essentially frozen (it was probably close to -35-40c with the wind) so there was no air pressure for the engines. We had to board the plane before the boosting began as when those engines started we needed to go. So it was 5hrs of waiting to get on the plane. Lucky for us a big wig was on the plane and we think he requested food while we were waiting in the terminal/ trailer. Of course all the boys grabbed 2-3 sandwiches. I manage to grab one and juice box.

We landed at 10:30pm and I got home just before 11:30pm and was hungry again so I had a glass of milk and the rest of my Liberte Moka crack yogurt. A higher point day due to the length so not sure how that will effect weigh in.

However this morning I got up ate breakfast and turned on the news and saw the disaster Japan is experiencing. My heart goes out to them.

I got myself together and headed to the bank. I scored $500US for  $501CDN...awesome I heart a par. I then picked up a another Polar FT7 heart rate monitor as I've decided to just leave my other one at camp. However at some point my toque and mitts went missing. I had them in the bank and put them on the little ledge. When I left they weren't there, I didn't think much of it as my head was now focused on getting to the gym. I was a few feet out of the bank when I realized I didn't have them so I went back and nothing was there. I think the old lady next to me at the teller swiped them.

Oh well, I went to the gym. I had to wait for a treadmill and noticed an interesting sight. There were 3 older ladies walking on their treadmills with their purses. The purse part was odd to me.

I did my run walk of 3 min running and 1.5 min walking. In total it was 18 min of jogging and the walking filled out an hour - I walked fast burning just over 400 calories. The run mojo was not with me. I tried, I pushed but maybe I was still a little zonked from my 18 hour day yesterday

I got home and let my credit card company know I was going to Vegas after my lovely fraud experience a few weeks ago. The customer service person actually said "good girl". I then hooked myself up with some US text msg, long distance and data plan for my iphone so I don't get binged with ridiculous charges.
I then headed downtown to meet my friend P for a coffee. I had a light coffee frappucino. She told me the Body Shop was having their buy a $5 bag and get 50% off whatever you put in it. I wound up getting a free brush kit worth $90 bucks out of the deal as well.

I also bought a Kobo reader. I've been debating this forever. As I didn't know if I should go ipad, kindle or kobo. I decided against the ipad as I have an iphone. A girl next to me has the kindle yesterday and I was then convinced I want this. I decided to go Kobo because I can download library books and it's now wifi which was probably the only con before. I just go the new Mercedes Thompson book for $9.99 as opposed to $25ish for hard cover. I only take a backpack to site and back and space is often at a premium. This is awesome and super light.

I then went to the Bay in search of Vegas night life appropriate outfits and came away empty handed. I think I'm better off looking for that in Vegas.

Tomorrow is weigh in and I have to zip out a little early to make it across the street to my mani and pedi appointment. Then a few hours later I'm off to get my hair cut. I do feel a little like shaggy dog in that department. Then it's off to dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant I've always wanted to try but never got around to it.

I need pack at some point ideally Saturay so on Sunday I can pick up anything I need.

You are now completely in the loop of my day...I hope yours was great.

Oh and 5 sleeps to Vegas.....

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Enz said...

Im loving your Vegas countdown :) I'm living vicariously through you!