Saturday, March 05, 2011

Day 15 - Weigh in after staying on plan

Down 5.6lbs....Shazaam!!!!!  I practically did a happy dance at the scale.

The last time I lost 5lbs in one weigh in was my very first week on weight watchers when I walked in the door a long time ago. This being the first week I actually followed the propoints is rather poetic.

I used 18 weekly points and earned 39 activity points this week. I tracked every single day without exception and not fudging anything. Remember I'm doing an experiment on how propoints works for me so I also paid really close attention to protein this week while eating in moderation. There was a mini bag of chip and nanaimo bar last week.

If you've been following me for awhile you might remember my Operation Hottie for my August trip to Vegas and my goal was to hit 168. I am 1.4lbs away from 168. I could hit it next Saturday and go to Vegas next Wednesday at 168. I'm going to use my euphoria over this week to motivate me next week.

This makes me really not want to blow it in Vegas and have fun while still being healthy. I also discovered the use of the fitness centre is included in the hotel price so really I have no excuses.

After spending 3 months floating in the 170s I'm encouraged by being tentativley back into the 160s. Now the goal is to get a little deeper in the 160s.

Last night I did go the pub with my friend M and to the movies after. I left 16pts for that. I had a spinach/ strawberrry salad with dressing on the side for dinner. I barely had any dressing as I found the strawberries with the spinach was flavourful enough. It came with a white mini loaf and guinness butter. I wanted to try the guinness butter so I cut of a really thin slice off of the bread - well I cut two pieces actually. It was about half the size of one piece of normal white bread and had less than a teaspoon of butter on each. That's it. I did have a glass of Rickard's Dark and then water afterwards. At the movie I had less than a handful of my friends popcorn and a few strips of red licorice. I did have plenty of water as I had a bottle of water at the movies. I finally pulled off an evening out before weigh in without totally sabotaging myself.  Finished the day with 29pts exactly.

We saw Rango...funny and a little odd.

A major thing I think helped me is my run/walk days as I'm sort of been using a HIIT training mentality by doing the running (well probably closer to jogging as I guess running on a treadmill means you're at 6 and I'm at 5.3)

So my plan this week is to just do the same. Track, eat all my points and exercise.

Today's breakfast was a grande non fat caramel latte and Starbuck's egg white/ turkey bacon muffin. A higher point breakfast but I had to eat something more substantial with the goal to the go the gym.

I hit the gym after weigh in and went to the 1hr Zumba class and then 1hr Iron Reps class. I know a little crazy but I really like the zumba and the iron reps isn't super cardio. Iron Reps is my only true weight training.

I went with beginner weights at the Iron reps class as in my last two attempts I think I'm over doing it and need to build up. I definitely know where I could add a bit more weight after today's class. I also walked to weigh in and back from the gym plus 15min on the treadmill when I was waiting for Zumba to start. I rested between Zumba and Iron Reps. Burned 564 calories in the 15min on the treadmill plus Zumba. Burned 350 calories at Iron Reps.

Tomorrow is a run/walk day and I'm going to stick to the 2.5 run/ 2 min walk. On Tuesday the goal is to increase the run by 30 sec.

The Nike Free XT shoes did great in Zumba and Iron Reps so I think I've found a cross trainer shoe that finally works for me. We'll try them again next Saturday but if all goes well I pick up a 2nd pair in Vegas to take to site for non run days.

I hope you guys have an awesome Saturday!



Enz said...

WOOHOOO..I am so thrilled for you. You are on a roll. Keep going.

Need to Get ME Back said...

WOW!!! That's awesome! Congrats!