Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Day 12 - Damn you nanaimo bar

Well it's not the nanaimo bar's fault as I'm the one who chose to eat it. It was an afternoon meeting and I've had a horrible week of sleeping so add those together and the nanaimo bar never had a chance of escape. I woke up with the alarm today as opposed to 15min before and I so wished I could just go back to sleep but alas that couldn't happen. The first order of business on Friday is sleeping in.

On the other side I think I've been kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a facsimile of me. I got to camp and I immediately went to my room, changed and headed to the gym. I have now worked out every single day since Saturday. Someone was on the treadmill so I got on the spawn of the devil eliptical trainer. I thought I'd wait the person out and when the treadmill was free get on that. I wound up doing 20min on the eliptical before getting on the treadmill and doing a 40min walk on random hills. The weird part is I wanted to run but told myself no. I can do that tomorrow. I'm embracing this running thing with baby steps and build my stamina.

In my defense at camp the gym is attached so I don't need to go outside. The test will be when I go home tomorrow. I'll get home too late to go the gym tomorrow so I'm going to do yoga instead. Last weekend I left all my yoga dvds at camp. I've already started a little pile of stuff to load into my bag to take home tomorrow.

At lunch today I built a little workout calendar to sort of plan my workouts so I keep a day in between runs and cross train more. Which brings me to the picture above. I got an email from my neighbour that these have arrived - Nike Free XT.  I can't wait to try them out and I think I'll debut them at zumba on Saturday.

Vegas is getting closer and I'm getting excited. I need to figure out evening wear. I didn't do that so well last trip and the crew I'm going with this time have some high expectations. I'll take more pictures this time and post. The more I think of Vegas the more I think that I don't want this to be a foodapalooz or boozapalooza. I'm going to have a pina colada or two but I still want to focus on healthy. I might sneak off and see if I can find a Trader Joe's as I never did that last time.

Alright my friends I should get ready for bed as tomorrow is a long day.


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