Friday, April 01, 2011

Day 1 of 7 and everyone is talking about the weather

Hello Everybody!

I opted not to go grocery shopping first thing this morning and chose do it after the gym instead. Breakfast was a bowl of multigrain rice crispies and coffee.

I made it down there in time for the hatha yoga class so I gave it a try. I'm always a little suspect of gym yoga classes as opposed to a yoga studio class. I've seen this group exercise instructor before and she also does a zumba class and an Iron Reps class.

All in all it was pretty good. I definitely go to a suburbia gym as in the class where everyone from students from the local high school to senior citizens. I'd say the majority were over 40. My knee wasn't the only one making a few cracking noises as we changed poses.

I totally felt the tightness in the my shoulders during that hour and I should really make an appointment for the acupuncure/ massage that the last massage therapist I saw told me about.

Next up was Iron Reps and I stuck to beginner weights as I'm still sorting out where my level is. I'm so in between. Lower body can handle intermediate for sure. Upper body depends as bicep curls I can go intermediate but triceps I'm beginner.

After the class I headed to Walmart and then Safeway. However I first went to Subway for lunch as I wasn't going to go grocery shopping when hungry. I had a 6" ham on 9 grain whole wheat with cheese and fat free honey dijon sauce plus a bottle of water.

I finally found the ground turkey again. The old brand I bought is no longer there now there's a Safeway version. I bought two just in case. I stayed away from all treats as I'm on day one of my no desserts/ sweets pledge.

There was super fit guy in front of me at Safeway and I was analyzing his purchases. Oh please-I know we all do this. He had a super healthy array but when he got to paying there was an issue with his chip card so I thought I'd be there for awhile.

Of course I get home and find two boxes of girl guide cookies in my mailbox. They are still sealed and I will tuck them away. I do strongly believe in everything in moderation so I'm not going to throw them out or give them away. They will remain as my one day a week treat day after the 7 days are over. My one day a week treat is one treat not a full day of them. More importantly I tracked today.

I weighed myself on my scale this morning and it put me exactly 2lbs up of my last weigh in at WW. So we'll see what tomorrow brings. I kept my heart rate monitor running for the walk to the gym, yoga and iron reps and there were 564 calories burned. The majority of which in the "fat burning zone".

Every where I went today people are talking about the weather as there's a winter storm warning for Calgary and 10-25cm of blowing snow is expected by tomorrow evening. Fun...not.

Hopefully it won't cause me issues with weigh in and I want to got to Zumba and Iron Reps again tomorrow. This time round I'm going to use what I learned today in Iron Reps and up the weights for the body parts that need more challenge.

Supper tonight was two poached eggs, 3 slices of Lilydale "Ham/Turkey Bacon" at 2ppts for 3 slices and a handful of grape tomatoes.

Oh and I bought my first pair of shoes on Shoe Dazzle (pictured above) as my project butterfly is still in progress (caterpillar to butterfly mission that started with my trip to Vegas in August). I told my friend K that I would foray back into online dating this summer so I asked her to help me with profile pics when we get there. The shoes sort of screamed "Hello Butterfly" to me.

Though I would have loved to have a beer right now instead I'm having club soda with lime in a beer mug instead.

We shall see what the scale gods have in store for me tomorrow.



Blubeari said...

lol I never even though of getting a message for my shoulder. I do Bikram and there is a point where my shoulder is REALLY tight that I never notice except for when I'm doing yoga. Thanks for cluing me in! :-)

Enz said...

You are a girl after my own shoe-heart :)