Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home from Vegas and had a fantastic time

I had so much fun with T, C and S in Vegas. I admit I had reservations about sharing a hotel room with 3 other women but it was a blast and many good times were had.

On the first day I wound up with massive blisters on both feet right below my toes. I should have known better I had on on new birkenstocks. Never wear new shoes when you're walking mile after mile after mile. That was alright I was in flip flops the rest of the time.

The weather was alright, Friday was beautiful and the rest of the time a little cloudy and a whole lot of windy.

When we arrived T and I waited at the airport fo S who was flying in from Toronto. T gambled a bit and I learned some tips. The attendant was looking at me funny and then asked if I was over 21. I almost hugged her and then told her I would be 39 on my next birthday. The great thing about bangs is they hide wrinkles on the forehead. We grabbed S and headed to In and Out Burger. None of us had ever tried this and it was by far the best burger I've ever had and that included comparing to restaurants. Now I understand why people love this place and I'm pretty happy they aren't in Canada or that could be a problem staying on track wise.

Vdara was lovely and a bit odd. It's a beautiful hotel but had super limited food options as only their market cafe was open (and incredibly busy) and they have one other restaurant that was closed the whole time we were there. There a few design flaws like limited counter space in the bathroom. Accessing the strip from this hotel is complicated as there is no direct access and the easiest way was to cut through Bellagio. The City Center complex is massive with 4 hotels attached. The thing I did enjoy is it's smoke free. So many people smoke in Vegas plus with no casino it was a very relaxing place to return to. I'd stay there again. There was a scale in the bathroom. The only other time I've seen that in a hotel room was in Montreal.

On Thursday I hit the Premium Outlet mall and scored a pair of Nike Free XT Trainers for $65 compared to over a $100 here. I also got a cute purple/black jacket for a steal. Plus another pair of Nike flip flops - I love these flip flops. They stay on your foot and have super padding - great for unhappy feet. I also got a very cute Michael Kor evening bag that has a chain strap you can were long or short also for a steal. . I was there by myself as T and S went to Grand Canyon and C did her own thing as well.

We went to Thunder from Downunder later on and it was hysterical and a whole lot of fun. It's quite funny and quite tame. The people in the audience were pretty great too. We were there on St. Patrick's day and some of the outfits were inspired. My friend T got pulled up on stage which I think was one of the highlights of the trip. Earlier in the day we also went back to the Premium outlet this time as a group and I picked up a pair of Bose Noise Reduction headphones for a $100 cheaper than at home. Good deals were also found at Kate Spade as the purses were another 40% off the already reduced price.

Celine Dion was incredible on Saturday. I wore my Christmas party dress to this and tried to pull off the sexy shoes but the blisters didn't like that so I wound up with a pair of Celine Dion swarovski crystal (black) flip flops which strangely worked with the whole outfit. I did not expect to burst into tears during the show but I did. It was amazing and I highly recommend it.

Sunday we explored the Miracle Mile mall but after outlet shopping were not all that into it. C flew home this day so T, S and I went to Jean Phillipe Patisserie at the Bellagio. Just the chocolate fountain in this place is worth a look. T and I gambled the night away and we were both highly successful and rolled back to the room at 4am. That is the latest I have ever stayed out - ever not just in Vegas. Loved Aria Casino as we actually got a plethora of free drinks there and it's quite beautiful and a quick walk from Vdara.. Any other casino not so much on the free drinks when gambling.

Food wise - incredible. I decided to just enjoy myself and focus on undoing the damage when I got home. We had Saturday brunch for T's birthday at the Wynn buffet - Incredible. Pricey for sure but worth every single penny. We ate at Wolfgang Puck a few times and never a disappointment. Went to BLT at the Mirage the burger was so-so the milkshake (with Kahlua and something else) was incredible.

Our last day was more or less me killing time before I had to leave for my flight. We had brunch at the Lagos buffet in Caesar's Place. It was good but not as good as the Wynn. We headed back to Premium outlet as T and S wanted to pick up a few things. I was officially done with shopping and gambling.

Had a delayed flight on the way home and I got to get searched by customs. No biggy I had my receipts. I did forget my newly purchased travel pillow there but didn't find it all that comfortable on the plane so no big loss.

Got home and slept really well. Now I'm doing laundry and will venture out to Mac's to get milk soon.

I've been to Vegas multiple time...and I can't wait to go again. It's back to work tomorrow but I think I planned that well. Two days at work, my three days off and then back to the regular schedule.

Alright my friends you are now officially up to date.


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MOM GETS_FIT said...

Sounds like you had a blast. Sometimes you just need to get a way and take a break from all of the monotony of everyday life.