Monday, March 07, 2011

9 days to Vegas

Well my friends today I learned the valuable lesson of getting to the shared laundry at the right time. A random guy put my laundry in the dryer then left it on top of the dryer when it was done. I was late for the washer ending as I was in the gym but I was bang on time for the dryer. I probably missed it by 30 seconds.

Sometimes working in a 99% male environment is a wee annoying.

Next time I'll pay closer attention.

Stayed on track yet again today. Could it be that this is a glimmer of a habit?

Todays workout was walking on the treadmill on the random hills option for 45 min. 299 calories burned.

Totally getting vacation brain as I'm uber excited about this trip to Vegas. I have to remember it's 9 sleeps so still time yet.

Tomorrow is another run day, I hope I get a treadmill.

Just watching Village on a Diet and then it's to bed for me. I barely slept last night so I'm zonked.

Hope you had a fabulous Monday.

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