Monday, September 06, 2010

I'm back, focused and meet my siblings

Hi All,

I managed to do a quick read of all the blogs on my bloglines and see a recurring them of re-dedication. I'm in that boat myself. I wonder if it has to do with a new season.

I wanted to first introduce you to the cats (aka my siblings) I talked about when I got home from Dad's in the summer. This is Fred. This picture is his personality. He's vocal and really outgoing. He is my little buddy, well not so little anymore as he and Spook definitely grew over the past few months. Fred comes to me immediately and purrs like crazy when I pet him.

This is Spook, he's a bit more reserved and not so into being petted. On Saturday he actually let me pet him and he purred as well. I was so honoured to have gained his trust for now anyway. He definitely takes after Papa Miao, who I think is totally a wild cat and avoids us.

This is Mamma Miao, she is always at a discreet distance keeping an eye on the kids but when she seees the food bowl come out she's the first one at the door. She and Fred are almost identical with the exception that Fred has a little brown patch on his nose and just white on his feet.

At one point I was washing the patio door windows and I thought for sure they'd clear off the deck while I did this. I was wrong. Mamma Miao was supervising from a distance. Spook was close but not too close. Fred was winding between my legs and chasing the paper towel.

I was so happy they remembered me, well maybe not that far. They remembered that I could access the food.

Food at Dad's was so-so. As I've explained before it's not like there's gobs of treats but it's often not what I usually eat. He tends to lean towards more protein and I lean to more vegetables. I enjoyed the visit especially because I won't be back until Christmas. I was in Walmart yesterday and Halloween stuff is out. Christmas will be here before we realize.

So now Operation Little Black Dress goes into full effect. Gym is closed today so I'll be heading outside for a mega walk and then I'm going to write the classes I want to try this week on my kitchen calendar. I'll give myself a star when completed. I'll post a photo of that later.

I'm taking a salad for lunch tomorrow. I realize I can't plan my work lunches too far in advance as by the third day I'm bored. Today I plan to make a turkey meatloaf wrapped in prosciutto. I have a pack of prosciutto that I planned to use for something else but that didn't happen so now I need to use it. We'll see how that turns out with photos to follow.

I also need to get cracking on this Labour Relations class I signed up for. I'm not a fan of open ended assignments as I like due dates. I want to get a rough copy down of the next assignment.

My plan to do some work while I was away was thwarted by my email being full so I couldn't send any messages. I'm going to try to fix that today so there's one less thing to do tomorrow.

I hope you are all enjoying the last day of the long weekend.

I'll most likely be back later.


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