Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Face mist weather

This morning when I left for work it wasn't quite raining but it was misting. An umbrella was useless as it was drifting sideways but it was kind of pleasant.

The weather is definitely shifting as I can feel my skin starting to get a bit dryer and on the way out of work going to the bus I wished I had mittens with me.

Many years ago I worked for The Body Shop and I probably had the best skin care habits while I worked there. I took great care of my face, body, hands and elbows. After I left there those habits slid a bit and it became more about convenience. Face care was no longer 3 steps but more of a face wipe and moisturizer. Hand cream became less frequent as my hands would slide on the keyboard. Today I was putting hand cream on my elbows as they were definitely dry.

Over the past month or so I've gone back to my fabulous take a few extra minutes skin care habits, like cleanse (with a proper cleanser that removes make-up), tone (with an alcohol free toner to ensure all dirt/cleanser is off and to prep skin for moisturizer) and moisturize (with an SPF moisturizer during the day and a night moisturizer before bed) and it's amazing how a little extra care can have an impact. I have no dry spots, hardly any breakouts and my skin feels like butter. I'm not spending a load of money either. I do love Clinique's Repair Ware Laser Focus, that's probably the most expensive thing I use. Since I've been using it I do see a difference in my skin. My cleanser is Kiehl's it's over $20 but you need a drop literally and it lasts forever plus takes off make up. My moisturizers are Aveeno from Walmart. I was using a Nivea toner but ran out and Walmart didn't have it so I picked up an Aveeno as well.

I'm going to fight ageing every step of the way and I think that early stint at The Body Shop helped as I'm pushing 40 and most people guess that I'm in late 20s.

It's also pretty handy to pay attention to skin care in a dry climate like Calgary as you definitely need to shift your routine as it gets drier in Winter.

On the weight loss front it was tough today as cramps tend to make me snack and curse being female. Workout plans went out the window. My major activity was taking out the garbage today and I had an altercation with some cookies from Ikea. My own fault, I shouldn't have bought the cookies. I worked later today and was fairly tired when I got home.

I did write my altercation down in my tracker and the mission is to track where it went wrong, learn from it and move on.

Tomorrow I'm fairly busy which is good because I won't have time to snack.

With 3 days till weigh in I need to reign in the focus and I can do that.

Hope you had a super groovy Tuesday.


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