Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you kidding me?

13 hours of sleep is the best medicine. I feel more human today, still stuffed up but far less nose blowing. I'm thinking I'll be back to normal tomorrow.

My LG service guy came and it turns out at some point between this dryer being built and delivered to my house two tiny pieces of plastic (about the size of a cap of a sharpie pen not the marker) broke off. These tiny pieces are part of the front panel and hold the butttons in place.

The service guy needs to order a new front panel to fix the issue. He feels sorry for me and says he can get it by end of day Thursday and will install it Friday afternoon so I don't need to take a whole day off to facilitate this.

I think my dryer drama could be turned into a soap opera.

I have not stepped on a scale in a week. I'll do that tomorrow.

Today I was craving spicy. When all my other senses are muted I tend to lean toward the spicy. I had ground turkey in the fridge so I whipped up quick turkey burgers for lunch.

I think one more nap is in order. I can't wait to get back into weight loss mode.

Hope your Wednesday is fabulous.


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