Monday, September 06, 2010

Now this is good

I think this is the best turkey meatloaf I have ever made. In it went extra lean ground turkey, 3/4 cups finely diced onions, 3/4 cup finely diced orange pepper and 3 diced gloves of garlic. I sauteed the onion, pepper and garlic in a non stick frying pan first just to soften it up.

To the turkey I added one pack of onion soup mix, freshly ground pepper and a smidgen of chipotle chili power and about a 1/4 cup of egg white. I then added the cooked onion/pepper/ garlic. Mixed well and formed into a loaf and then wrapped it in 6 slices of prosciutto. Baked at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. I cut off a bit of the end to taste when it came out and it blew my socks off. The seasoning is perfect, the meatloaf is moist and the prosciutto is crispy. I ran it through WW recipe builder and for 8 slices it's 2pts each. I found the 8 slices a wee small so I packaged into 5ths so that takes the pts to about 3.  Plus I baked on a broiler pan so I squeezed a little bit of the remaining fat out of it.

The mega walk is completed:
1hr/ 6.84K/342 calories burned/ Pace 8:47-8:13/ HR 135-148

I had originally planned on going a little longer but decided against it. Today was about knocking the cobwebs off the muscles.

I wrote my workout schedule on the calendar but that might yet be tweaked. I picked a bunch of classes starting at 6:30pm then realized I could probably make the 5:15pm classes. Now I have the option of either time depending on my schedule.

The school work was sacrificed for work work as I got a huge dent into something that will clear up time for the week which is a good thing.

My work lunch is packed and I'm going to lay out my workout clothes so I have no excuses when I get home tomorrow.

Hope the remainder of your holiday Monday was fantastic.


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