Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Alive...mwhahaha

I made bread today. Well the bread machine made bread and I assembled the ingredients. I do love to bake but I generally avoid bread as it's a long process by hand. It's not exaclty fast in the machine but I didn't have to remember to knead or let it rest it did that. I made a walnut raisin bread and it was the first time I have ever used whole wheat flour. This recipe also included rye flour. It's a very hearty bread that's for sure and I think it will help me solve my morning snack issues.

I eat breakfast fairly early on a weekday and by 8:30am my stomach is grumbling which quite often leads to eating something stupid like a muffin otherwise known as cake. Tomorrow one piece of this is coming to work as my morning snack it works out to 2pts per slice when I ran it through recipe builder.

I then got caught up on all the reading to complete my first written assignment for the course I've been avoiding. I need to really get my act together in this area I have until Nov 30th to complete the course and I can ask for a 2 month extension but I don't want to. I'm going to get'er done.

Of course now I have no desire to make veggie lasagna for tomorrow but I will.

On the exercise front today it will be yoga. The gym bag will go to the work gym tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be rather irratic this week so I'm planning an indoor workout tomorrow and Tuesday. It's not supposed to rain on Wednesday but we'll see.

I did some clothes purging and have a good pile to donate on Tuesday. I also re-discovered some clothes in my closet that used to be either too small or a wee bit too tight. This means I don't really need to go shopping right now which is great as it gives me more time to plan. With 30lbs to go till goal there will a few sizes in between.

I hope you all had a fantastic Sunday.


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