Sunday, September 26, 2010

Murphy's Law

I went out with some of co-workers Friday night and I honestly can't remember the last time I went out as in not after work but after you got home.

I did have to speed clean my house before we were supposed to meet up at 8:30. I vacuumed, steamed floors, dusted and did dishes in record time.

At the bar we were asked to show I.D. It's a long time since I've been carded as well. The bouncer guy looks at my birthdate on my driver's license and says "You're holding up well". I looked at him and said "Am I old enough to be your mother?". He says he was born in 1977, I was born in 1972. I'm a whopping 5 years older than he is and I'm holding up well. I'll take that as a good thing.

Then at the table some of the coworkers brought a couple of friends. At one point one of the friends (a woman) was bemoaning that she was the oldest person there. I asked her how old she was and she says 34. So I tell her that I'm older than her at 38. She then tells me she thought I was 26. My renewed efforts at skin care must be working.

I lasted till about midnight and had to go home. I can't stay up like I did when I was 26 that's for sure.

Yesterday was all about the arrvial of the new washer and dryer.

I got a call at 10am telling me my washer was coming but not the dryer. What!!!!!!. I asked what happened to the dryer. The sales guy (not my regular sales guy as he was apparently home sick) tells me it's not in stock. How is that possible I ask when you called me last Saturday to tell me it was here. At which point I turned into super bitch vowing to tell everyone I know to never shop there. He then tells me it's LG's fault. I point out again that his store called me last Saturday to say the washer and dryer were here.  He'll look into it and he'll call me back.

I got another call about 10min later from the delivery dept telling me that my delivery will arrive between 11-3. I asked them what was in the truck. I then tell them about my previous conversation with sales dude and they do confirm the only thing on the truck is the washer. She felt sorry for me and my 10 weeks without the ability to do proper laundry and said she'll track it down.

I then get a call about 10min after from sales dude telling me we I will receive a dryer that day. The washer and dryer will be coming in two different trucks. At this point I don't care I just want these things. I apologized for being super bitch.

Then about 10min after that delivery dept phones and says they'll be there in 45min.

The funny part is the dryer arrived first and just as they were loading the old one into their truck the second truck arrived with the washer. I didn't realize these two boys strap themselves to the applicance and carry it there was no use of any type of dolly. I tell the one boy (the all looked under 18) it's best to take it in via the back door. He then asks me which way is shorter. I looked at him and said my way would mean one set of stairs.

The second crew arrives with 3 boys  and there was some negotation about who was taking what old appliance and deals were hatched between the two crews.

There was one worrysome moment when the gas pipe on the back of the old dryer looked like it might not want to exit the house but all was well.

After they were done my Dad and I positioned the washer where it's supposed to be and had to do a little confirguration as the discharge hose on the new washer is a wee shorter than the old one.

Dad then had a nap and I called the gasfitter. He was there within 30min and hooked up the dryer with no issues at all. He then turned the dryer on and the on button got stuck. We both looked at it for about 10min plus compared it to the washer on button and both went Huh? You'll have to call for service he tells me.

Here I was thinking the dryer drama was over. So I call the store's service dept and was on hold for 8min then they hung up on me. So I called back and get a person, I am then told I need to call LG as they like to handle all services for the first year.

So I call LG and have to go through the whole story of buying it in July and it was delivered today. They tell me they can send someone out on Tuesday. I ask what time on Tuesday. Oh it's anywere between 8-5. Well Tuesday I'll be in Northern Alberta can we make it Wednesday. I then ask if it could maybe be Friday. If it's Friday I'd have to call back on Wednesday to book the appointment. Screw it lets go with Wednesday.

So now I have to take Wednesday off to wait for the LG service guy.

I'm now focusing all my positive thoughts on having a working dryer on Wednesday.

Surprisingly I have not drowned my frustration in a pint of haagen daz.

Add to this I had a sore throat on Friday (I tried dousing it in multiple vodka/sodas Friday night) but immediately started a regime of anything immune strengthening i.e. Vit C. The sneezing and coughing started on Saturday so I went straight to the Buckley's. All in all symptoms are mini and I feel off but not horrible. I want to beat it today as I go back to site on Monday and don't want to give it to anyone else.

Today will be taking it easy.

I hope you guys had a drama free Saturday.


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spunkysuzi said...

Oh my!! I'm glad it's finally going to be all over for you soon. (the drama)