Wednesday, March 17, 2010

They're here

I'm talking about the fabulous Kenneth Cole shoes that I was going on about a little while ago. OMG they're high (4 inches), I teetered for a few minutes when I got home and then had to think this out. I live in flat shoes and wear heels very very rarely.

On the way home from work I had to swing by purolater to pick up the shoes and then I had to head to the optical place to pick up my new glasses and then walk home. It was so crazy windy that I felt like I was walking backwards. It didn't seem to matter what direction I was walking it was full on wind. So perhaps putting on the massively high heel shoes when I felt a little off kilter from walking into full on wind was not the smartest move. I need to train for these shoes. They are beautiful though and I think I might be on the verge of creating a fashionista soon as I figure out how to walk in them.

I do often think of myself as a caterpillar that wants to turn into a butterfly.

I'm so busy at work and while I like it that way my head is spinning a bit as I don't want to forget anything and with Friday being a day off I want to leave on Thursday knowing I'm well set for Monday. I don't think I'll grocery shop after work tomorrow as I do want to go with a plan so I might go Friday and just get it out of the way but we set up for a successful week but who knows. The grocery store I want to go is downtown so it makes sort of sense to do it on Thursday. I'll see what my energy level is like.

Today is a low point day for my experiment week and I'm trying to be very focused. I've followed it exactlty since Saturday and to make sure the data isn't comprimised and it's just a few more days to go. The scale is looking good as well.

That's all I got for today.



Kelly said...

Those are some serious heels! Very nice. :D

Enz said...

I am in love.
Those shoes are amazing!
You have to take a pic of your gorgeous legs in them!