Saturday, March 13, 2010

Never failure, it's feedback

This was the quote of the day at the WW meeting and hit home. I was down .2 today so I hung on to that 5% with my dear life as the past two weeks have been irresponsible WW behaviour. I'm done with that, now it's focus on the goal. I had debated buying a new 3 month journal to start fresh but I decided against it. I've got two weeks left on this journal and I'm finishing with a bang. Operation Hottie is the mantra.

In the meeting we reviewed the 2010 challenge going over the 10 factors i.e. tracking, filling foods, exercise, tracking hunger,controlling your environment, eating out etc. The one I identified most with was be resilient. I got my 5% sticker and Clare said "Aren't you glad you came back" in front of the whole group. I responded by saying "3rd times the charm". It made the majority of the room laugh. I also got an extra little sheet all about hitting your 5%. It has a graph on the page not unlike the one at the front of the journal. They suggest drawing a line on the graph that represents "predicted weight loss". I think I'll do that with my next journal. I think it might be a neat way to picture the goal.

This weekend I'm going to revisit the tools for living especially story boarding and anchoring. I caught a glimpse of the girl who got to goal a few weeks ago. We're the same height and her goal weight is my goal weight. She got lifetime today but didn't stay for the meeting. She had a cute body and I just thought that will be me.

Yesterday I got home from work at my usual time, it was +11 and I decided on the bus home that I was going to go for walk when I got home. So I changed into workout clothes and headed right back out the door for a 6K walk (376 calories burned). It was tough as I wasn't feeling the walk mojo but I just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I completed the route I had in my head.

I'll head out again for a longer one today.

Grocery shopping happened after the meeting and I picked up a package of cottage cheese with fruit. I've never tried cottage cheese on purpose. I've had when it's been wedged into lasagna but I make sure it's never alone on the fork so I can eat it without tasting it. I've always found the texture odd looking. I remember my dad once trying to make perogies with it but all filling fell into the bottom of the pot so I didn't have to eat it. I thought it's about time to give it a steps.

I'm armed with a fridge stocked with healthy and savoury options. I picked up Baby Bell Gouda, at 2pts each it's a safe way for me to have gouda. I despise the light version normal Baby Bell so I embrace the 2pts vs. 1pt.

I got an email from Punk Rope's creator thanking me for my order  and sending me the instruction manual. He asked how I heard of it. So I told him I found it on Ms Bitch Cake's blog and to give her a shout out. He said he would.

Alright that's all I got have a fabulous Saturday!


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