Monday, March 08, 2010

Now that's mud

Quick recap of yesterday, I did just a little over 6.5k (400cal burned) and my stomach was grumbling so I headed home for lunch.

Made southwest turkey burgers yesterday as well. I didn't really follow a recipe and wound up making them a wee bit spicy with too much chipotle chili power (first time I used the chipotle version). They're yummy though and had one chopped up to act as a "meatball" in my Smart pasta with organic roasted garlic tomato sauce for supper.

Didn't sleep well at all yesterday. Went to bed at 8pm due super early wake up call. Woke up at midnight and tossed and turned until 3am when I finally decided to get up. Two cabs showed up at 4:30am. I guess the guy assigned to me got a better fare so got a buddy to follow him and pick me up. Wow I was chopped liver at 4:30am. I'm not complaining better to have two cabs then none.

They changed the door we go through to wait for the plane. This morning we were in a fenced off area of a hangar. It was really odd and felt a bit like a holding pen. Not sure if that's a permanent change.

Wowsers by 3pm today I totally felt it the 4hrs of sleep last night. I only watched a bit of the Oscars (got kind of bored) but caught up on all the winners today.

When I got to site this morning you could see the mud but it wasn't so bad as it was frozen. I didn't step outside again until 4pm and this stuff will swallow your shoes. It's now snowing - excellent - this will now hide the mud so all the unsuspecting people tomorrow will step into mud instead of snow.

Of course, I never made it to Walmart yesterday to buy rubber boots. That is now on the top of my list before next week's trip. I changed into my sweatpants the moment I got to camp as the mud on my jeans is now drying so I can brush it off tomorrow. I heard today that there are 3 seasons here - snow, mud and dust. I've experienced the dust and the snow but this my first round of mud.

While I did bring my gym stuff I'm taking tonight off as a rest day  I'm totally wiped. It's dinner and to bed pour moi ce soire. Points are good today now I just need to keep it together at dinner in half an hour.

Hope your Monday was fabulous.



Enz said...

Get some sleep!

The Glitterati said...

Hey, what kind of chipotle pepper do you use, and do you like it? I picked up this random jar at Winners one time, and grew to love it. It's so great in chili or black bean soup (basically just a can of black beans with some chicken broth, maybe some cumin, garlic, and coriander if I feel like, simmered for about 20 mins and then immersion blended). And on many other thing actually. We're all out now, and you know how Winners is... can't ever find the same thing twice!