Friday, March 19, 2010

Lazy day

I managed to sleep in until 7:30am not too bad when I normally get up earlier for work. I looked out the window and saw that we got a bit of snow. I had thought of running down to Walmart to pick up some odds and ends that I forgot about on my grocery shop yesterday. Mind you that grocery shop did happen without a list. Then I thought I'll be right across the street at weigh in tomorrow so I decided to just lay low. I opted not to walk today and just focus on the basics - tracking and water plus watching sodium levels.

Did have to log in and do a bit of work as next week is shaping up to be crazy.

I caught up on stuff I had on the pvr and watched Days of Our Lives. I rarely see that show so it takes me a minute to get up to speed on what's going on. I finished a book and I thought up some meals.

I'm going to roast the spaghetti squash and add some diced tomatoes, various veggies and the mild italian turkey sausage- I'm still sorting out the particulars. I'm also thinking of making a whole wheat noodle lasagna. I'm trying to plan the work lunches and still have some options for dinners. Next week will also be hormone infueled snackapalooza so I want to be prepared with point friendly savoury and satisfying options.

I saw a super decent number on the scale this morning and tracked perfectly today. I was kind of hoping for a little lower number tomorrow but we'll see what the scale gods have to say.

I've also been thinking of my high point day tomorrow and seeing if there were any cravings I want to get of the way. I will go for a mega walk as well as the weather report is stating +13 tomorrow.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Enz said...

You are so organized, I need some of that to rub off on me.