Sunday, March 07, 2010

The mega walk

A while back I was typing about how I thought of  way to make my walking route a bit longer. Well yesterday I took the plunge to test it out:

9.67k - 1hr37min - 604 calories burned

I love walking around my neighbourhood as I have a whack of distances to choose from. The basic route is just under 5k, and then I can add extra loops. The first loops makes it 6k, the second loop makes it about 7k. My neighbourhood isn't flat either there's a few inclines in there as well.

This means pretty much no excuses as I don't need to dedicate 90min each time. I can adjust time and distance quite easily. I can last about 30min on a treadmill before I get overwhelmingly bored so as long as the weather holds I'm going outside.

That netted me 6 activity pts added to the walk to the grocery store and back, plus the 30min of yoga at the end of the day that resulted in 9 activity pts. I'm back baby!

Not that sore today either but I think the yoga helped with that. I had meant to do a longer practice but I was exhausted.

I'm going to head out again today but not the full route. I'll aim for 7k today. I might be walking down to Walmart (a smidgen longer than the grocery store walk)  and back as well in search of rubber boots.

Food was good yesterday and the plan is to repeat that today.

Might be meeting up with my friend P today for coffee but that is not confirmed so I'm just going to continue with my plans for the day and we'll see what happens.

Vegas is officially booked as Westjet had a seat sale and hotel reservations are made. My other friend P (who's birthday we're celebrating) found a promo at Ceasar's involving their new pool. I hadn't even thought of bathing suits. Well we signed up for that and get a $25 gift certificate for the pool area plus a tote bag filled with odds and ends. So 6 months for operation hottie.

I really need to work on consistency when it comes to the exercise and the staying OP, plus I'm thinking of adding a little pilates as I subscribe to my yoga online and they have pilate classes in addition to yoga.

Alright my friends I hope your weekend is going well.


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