Monday, March 22, 2010

The power of retrospect

I went to work today with a plan, I packed my lunch, I packed my snacks and I brought the cupcakes.

I did plan one cupcake into my points today and up until 2pm all was good. Then I went to the photocopier which is in the kitchen. The cupcakes were in the kitchen. There were 3 left. So I grabbed one and only after I looked at the empty cupcake cup did I think "Why did I do that?". I mean it could have been worse I suppose but I was still a little disappointed with myself.

I did not have 2 cupcakes in my plan for the day. The saving grace is I technically have 8 extra points if I use all my flexpoints so with that I did not go over for the week. What was kind of funny was when I was waiting for the elevator on the way out. A woman who works on the opposite side of the floor told me she heard my cupcakes were really good. I asked if her if she had one, she said no "I'm on Weight Watchers".

If only I had thought that before I ate the unplanned cupcake.

The rest of the day I just focused on finishing the day on the right track. I took the slow bus home, this is the bus that goes through every neighbourhood between downtown and my house. I forgot my ipod this morning so it was a bit torcherous but all the way home I had one statement running through my head - "I want to go". I really really wanted to go for a walk when I got home. It was overcast and a wee bit chilly but I was hell bent on going home, changing and heading out.

When I did the half marathon walking clinic I'd have these moments I called energizer bunny where you'd have bursts of energy out of now where.

This is yesterday's results:
324 calories burned, 52min41sec, 5.22K, pace 10:05

This is today's results:
370 calories burned, 58min59sec, 6.16K, pace 9:35

I was 30 seconds per K faster today and that's after working a relatively long day today. Not bad I must say. I'm not aiming for speed but the faster I get means better calorie burning. This also means that I've done 19K so far this week and it's Monday. That's something to be proud of. I'm giving myself a goal of 35K this week.

So now the plan is stick to the plan. Today teached me that conscious decisions are the key.

Hope your day went well.


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