Saturday, March 27, 2010

In the zone

My walk today:

8.02km/ 479 calories burned/ 1hr 13min/ Pace 9:49-6:09
That would be an extra 1/2 a km then the other day in the same amount of time.

I wouldn't describe today's walk as fabulous as it was happening but I was in the zone anyway. I call it the zone when my mind goes quiet and I could be thinking about something random but I'm not thinking about how far I have to go or if I think I'm going fast enough - I'm just going. I thought about going a wee bit further but then I realized I was hungry so I headed home for lunch.

Tonight I tried the new whole wheat noodle Kraft Dinner (6pts ish for half the box) it was yummy.

Did not get a whole lot of the chores done as I got distracted by all the stuff saved on my pvr. However laundry is done so I take that as a victory.




Enz said...

Congrats on the great pace!!!

Can you come do my laundry now?

Anonymous said...

You like the whole wheat KD? My son tried it and said it was horrific, so I didn't buy it again. Hmmm, makes me think I might need to try it myself.