Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ominous Clouds

This morning I was getting ready I told myself do not forgot your laptop. I'm standing at the bus stop at 5:30am for a good 5min when I realize I don't have my laptop.

A very brisk run to my front door resulted and just as I go to the door the bus went by. I retrieved my laptop and then debated waiting for the next bus in 20min or head over to the more major road and get one of those buses. I headed over to the major road and was downtown in record time.

I normally avoid this bus because it's pretty crowded but this morning not so bad. I might try it again tomorrow as I have a schwack of work to do and I'm taking Mon-Wed off next week.

I get to work and go to the bathroom to discover they're closed and the renovations are under way. I (being way too nice) them email all my co-workers to warn them the bathrooms are closed on our floor. I then find out the notice went up on Monday and no one told me. I was irritated by this as it seems whenever I go to site they forget I exist.

However I digress the rest of the day flew by.

I packed 90% of my office and only left out what I need tomorrow.

On my way out on the way home the clouds were dark and it started to snow. This snow was mini balls so I opted to not go for a walk tonight. Rain/thunderstorms are tentatively forecasted and round snow can turn into hail. So now I'm in my comfy clothes watching the weigh in of Biggest Loser.

Last night I had a mini way off program moment. I didn't tell you I had cheesies on the plane (which but me 2 points over). Got home and I had the trial pack of the Kashi Toasted Almond cereal (now 6pts over) not bad tasting. The first one I ever tried tasted like twigs. It didn't stop there, then the Moka yogurt called my name and I just ate it out of the container. I didn't eat all of it and sanity did kick back in.

I'm dangerous when I'm tired and cramps start to kick in. No matter 3 days till weigh in.

Today food is way better and I'm just focusing on the positive.


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