Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Not dead

I'm sorry to go MIA on you for a few days. It's been a bit of a blur.

First news, the shoes have been shipped are on their way to my house. I got them from the Kenneth Cole website (they ship to Canada). I looked all over the city of Calgary first and couldn't find them.

So Monday was a gong show. My cab was late due to craziness of the night before and all they partying hockey fans. Then the plane was late and it turned out to be an Air Canada charter not the company plane. When the plane arrived I see that it's a Dash 8. I despise this plane. It's small, it vibrates and it's slow. The normal flying time on the company plane is 1hr to site. The dash 8 took 1hr and 40min.

Right now site is all mud. In the morning it's frozen mud by lunch it's soupy, thick mud. It's a wee bit too early for rain boots as you still need the grips of winter footwear but I have a spec of mud on everything. My boots are covered, a speck on my jacket and the cuffs of my jeans.

When you enter trailers you need to put white paper booties over outdoor shoes. It was kind of funny as the day progresses the mud dries and falls off into the bottom of the bootie. At one point it felt like I was wearing mini sand bags. Note to self to bring indoor shoes next week.

I knew then there'd be no getting breakfast at the camp kitchen as breakfast closes at 8:30am. I had to have the snack on the plane which was some type of baked good/ scone like thing and not the Special K had been banking on. A closed kitchen means I couldn't make my lunch and I'd have to eat in the hot kitchen.

The fact that I was now behind did not go well for me and the stress of feeling behind combined with nothing going according to plan resulted in a wee chocolate binge. Didn't get to camp early enought to grab a treadmill (there's 3) so I wound up watching the Bachelor and going to bed.

Tuesday was better but the behaviour of the past few days are not going to help me get to 184 this week. Right now I'm just trying to avoid a gain.

Today has been really good and now I need to keep that up until weigh in. The down 10lbs are showing as I've had a few compliments of looking skinnier.

Now all I need to do is address the self sabotage.

Looking forward and staying focused.


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