Tuesday, March 30, 2010

chatty people

Home from site and I have somehow managed to have a bit of mud on everything. I'm on the plane and I pick up my laptop backpack and there's mud in a little crevice in the handle. I have no idea how it got there. I never put the backpack on the ground.

It might be odd that I like the new whole wheat KD. I don't like whole wheat noodles and I'd buy this stuff again.

I managed to do 45min on the treadmill Monday night. For some reason I go at a much slower pace on the treadmill according to the nike +. I tried to speed up and could hold it for a bit but then would have to reduce the speed. There was coconut cream pie for dessert Monday night and grabbed the smallest piece. I made a conscious decision that I wanted it.

Today none of the premade sandwiches appealed to me nor did making a salad so I wound up the peanut butter jelly sandwich (very thin layer of each on whole wheat bread). Cauliflower to snack on. I have rather odd eating habits at site. While having everything made for you is nice you still like to exert a little independance in your choices.

I also discovered every time I put hand cream on I have to go to the washroom. Just so I can wash it all off.

The plane ride home was a wee bumpy tonight and I was knackered by the time I got on. Monday I woke up on my own at 3am. This morning woke up at 4am thanks to my camp neighbour rummaging around. I was looking forward to napping on the plane only super chatty woman sits next to me to talk to her friend across the aisle. Le sigh. At least I should sleep well tonight.

Found out I get an office in the new building on site which is awesome.

Speaking of offices I have to pack up my existing one in Calgary tomorrow due to renovations.

I got my CHRP certificate in the mail today, it's pretty.

Tomorrow the moment I get home from work I'm heading out for a mega walk. I kind of missed that over the last two days. Thursday the big boss is taking us out for an easter drink. With Friday off I can get a really good mega walk in before weigh in.

You are now completely up to date on my existence.


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Enz said...

It must feel great to have the certificate in your hands!!!