Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm a bee

This is the song I woke up to today...well it's actually Imma Be the Black Eyed Peas song. I have a love/hate relationship with BEP. I'll like a song and then it get's played to death and I can no longer stand it. This one just bugs me because of the multiple repitions of "Imma be".

Oh a picture with my legs in the shoes will happen, I'm not sure when but I will.

Today was a mid high day and a bit of a challenge as there were Timbits and chinese food for lunch. I kept it low for dinner and I have had a lot of water today. I'm still focused on Saturday.

I did go grocery shopping after work today and went to the Co-op downtown. It's a funky store and I found loads of stuff I wouldn't find at my local grocery store. I got the broccoflower, borscht, loads of lean protein (Lilydale Daystarters turkey bacon and Lilydale turkey bratwurst). I also got leek, asperagus, spaghetti squash, green onions, tri colour pack of peppers and some fruit. They're the only store I know of that carries frozen Saskatoon berries.

I just walked around the store chanting "healthy" in my head. I did leave with one dangerous thing - Liberte Medittarean Coconut yogurt - Saturday is my high point day though. The blogs talk about it so much that I had to get it. I tried one teaspoon of it when I got home because I really wanted to try it. It's yummy but right now my favourite is still Moka.

I also found Hazelnut gelato (pretty low in pts). Now my fridge is full of food to set me up for a successful week at home ahead. I'm bringing cupcakes to work on Monday for my co-worker/friend's birthday so I picked up some ingredients for that. I want to make two types a chocolate/vanilla buttercream and chocolate coconut/ coconut buttercream option. I think I can do it by splitting the batches of cake and icing so it's not a ton of work.

I think I might post pictures of meals this week as all the comforts of home mean it's easier to fall of track.

I'm super geeked about getting to sleep in tomorrow as I'm exhausted. Of course a day at home before weigh in can be a challenge. However that also means I can do a mega-walk. It's supposed to be coolish tomorrow which I prefer when going on a mega walk.

I might wander downtown this weekend to do some shopping as my pants are getting loose. I'm curious to see if I'm down a size.

Yesterday morning I saw a shooting star while waiting for the bus. I've never seen one before so I did make a wish and it was one word - Goal.


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Jaime said...

Sounds like you are ready to rock. :)

There's two versions of the Liberte Coconut...both are like crack. LOL. I actually like the lemon one better though. Enjoy!