Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finding new inspiration

What I love about the blog world is always finding new people with new inspiration or ideas. One of the blogs I really enjoy is *Bitch Cakes*A Neurotic Glamour Girl's Weight Watchers Experience and Fitness Adventures. You'll also see her on my blog sidebar. Loads of people follow her so if you haven't found her yet go check it out. She also has fabulous style.

I enjoy that she follows Weight Watchers as I do and that she's had great success - very inspirational and I enjoy being introduced to new things.

She often writes about Punk Rope, I had never heard of this but I followed the links and decided to buy the intro pack. I loved jumping rope as a kid and then kind of lost touch with it.

I remember the trainer brought a jump rope into the mix and it felt really odd at first but then I totally got into it. The Punk Rope looks like a load of fun and a good exercise. I'll keep you all posted when I try it.

Made a funny observation the other day. The roll up the rim contest is in full swing at Tim Horton's and on the Canadian advertising it says that 40 Toyota Rav4s are available to win in North America. The other day I saw the American commercial and it's 40 Sport Utility Vehicles to win in North America.

I have yet to win anything yet my co-worker has won 3 coffees and a donut. Of course I don't need the donut but a coffee would be nice.

I've worked late two days in a row which is killing my workout plans but I've been collecting some neat meal ideas that I'm looking forward to trying this weekend and most of them involve cauliflower oddly enough. I will make a serious effort at posting pictures.

I get to move offices again in two weeks into the building we just moved out of in December. While that is mildly irritating it does bring me back into the building with the corporate gym. My visits have been not exactly been regular lately so being closer to it might be a good thing. It too will one day move into the new building (as I get to do twice).

I am mentally preparing myself for weigh in on Saturday. It's been a crappy week  to be completely honest and I need to face the scale. I want to be in the mind frame of "this is what happens when you don't follow the plan" not "you're an idiot". My short term goal has to be to focus on Vegas to distract myself from the sometimes overwhelming long term goal. Operation hottie needs a boost and thinking negatively isn't going to help. Must focus on the positive.



Kelly said...

I would love to try Punk Rope. It looks like so much fun. Wish they had classes around here.

Can't wait to hear about your experience with it!

Anonymous said...

Lemme guess... cauliflower pizza and marinated roasted cauliflower? LOL I think we follow the same blogs.

Enz said...

Good frame of mind to have - it's much more conducive to getting back on track than blaming yourself.