Saturday, March 20, 2010

Down 1.8

I'm o.k with that, I know that might sound stupid and I should be quite pleased  but I didn't do as well this week as I could of. I don't mean weight by that I mean behaviour.

I did track everyday but when I added up the week I was 6pts over for the total week. I did earn 10.5 AP but I'm not swapping them. The chinese food and timbits didn't help on Thurday and last night I had a mini snack attack after dinner.

Water was not as good as it could have been there were a few days when I didn't even hit 2L a day. I am delighted that this means I'm now down 12lbs since my restart with WW and 20lbs since I first walked through their doors.

Last week I tried to hit the same amount of points for the week as my daily pts plus flexpoints which is 203pts. This week I'm going to follow the wendie plan exaclty which is 195pts so that will still be using some flexpoints as per the momentum plan but not all of them.

Today we had a sub-leader but I remember her from when she used to attend that meeting. Apparently she's a leader at the Wed night meeting not sure if it's at the same location. It was kind of neat to have someone new but who still knew the group. We talked about portion sizes and the importance of paying attention to a serving i.e. one can of chili is not one serving according the NI. We also talked how it's important to revisit that NI once in awhile as products change and if you've been eye balling measurements to pull out the measuring tools every so often. One point people often forget is that if you're having more than one portion/serving just don't double or triple the points. You should multiple the calories, fat and fibre and run your pts calculation again. I'm guilty of that and then something that's 1pt turns into 3pts when you double it.

I did walk to and from weigh in today. I didn't do my usual Starbucks routine as there was a fairly long line and I wanted to buy more coupons and pick up a new 3 mth journal before it got too crazy. Instead I went into Safeway and got a small chocolate milk.

I'm heading out for a mega walk today as it's supposed to be +13 and I'll do my garmin/nike + test as well. I just need to wait for my Ipod to recharge and I'll be heading out soon.

I got Punk Rope in the mail yesterday. I love that my skipping rope is purple. I haven't tried it yet as I need to clear some space in my living room. I might do it tomorrow.

I also need to get cooking and baking. I think I'm going to add shredded broccoflower to my lasagna. I'll definitely take pictures of these dishes still forming in my head.

This week will be rough so to stay focused I'm going to schedule my meals to be very conscious of snacking or eating something outside of the plan.

Have a fabulous Saturday!



Finding My Weigh said...

1.8 is great! I know how you feel though, I was down 1.2 this week and was hoping for more. I need to lose 1.6 this week to reach 30lbs lost so I have to be really good!

I'm off for a walk too, have a great day!


Enz said...

1.8 is excellent! But recognzing your behaviours is more important, if you know you could have done better - don't beat yourself up, right? Just get to it this week! I know you will.