Friday, March 26, 2010

Good and so so behaviours

This morning I swung by Starbucks for a non fat Cafe Mocha, normally they ask if you want whip or not and I always say no. I didn't even notice this morning that they never asked - new people working. When I got the drink I saw the whip cream so I took to the kitchen on my floor and I scooped off all the whip and rinsed it down the sink.

At lunch my work friends where in search of a snack so I went with them to the convenience store. I bought nothing and just went back to my desk and had a piece of gum.

After work I went for a beverage (a very nice pale ale that totally hit the spot after a long week) and we shared a cheese plate (3 cheeses not huge portions) with crackers (whole grain or something). Well that was dinner. That's where the so so behaviour kicked in. I was very tempted by a strudel berry bar they had but luckily my friend T talked me out of it. I was getting pretty tired so the decision making was suffering.

I came home and changed into my PJs, no walk tonight I'm knackered. I did finally do my taxes and I get about $900 back - that's alright.

Now I'm on total food/drink cutoff until after weigh in tomorrow.

I have zip idea of what the weigh in will be I got the most activity in this week then I have in a long time but I'm battling the evil water retention.

We shall see tomorrow. Hope your day went well.


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Anonymous said...

Great choices... especially the choice of friends that talk you out of bad choices, lol.