Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WW existential crisis?

I started to wonder if I need to go back to meetings today. While the convenience of online is fun I don't think it's working for me.

I think back to meetings and while yes after awhile it gets super repetitive, I'm wondering if there's something in someone else recording your weight that works for me.

I've been following (I use that term loosely) online for months and I'm going in circles. So I started thinking to back when I went to meetings. Do I need the accountability of weighing in elsewhere? I posted a question on the ww.ca board today asking if you've tried both online and meetings, which do you prefer. The answers that came back pretty much said you decide for yourself.

So I'm thinking of running an experiment and doing both at once to see if I prefer one over the other. I know this sounds a little crazy and I have yet to totally think it out but it's there.

The gym has yet to happen as I've been busy at work and just had zero motivation to go. It didn't help that I felt super sore today and forgot how many muscles you use walking. I'm not happy with myself about that.

I'm just in a super reflective head space right now.

Tomorrow I have the day off and will head outside again and think it out.

See ya later.



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