Monday, November 02, 2009

Coming to you from site for the first time!

Hello, hello,

I had to take my computer back to camp with me as I had nowhere to store it and shazaam I can access my blog from here. On the work network it's blocked.

OMG I forgot how hard it is to eat here. There's one cafeteria with very limited options and you can't serve yourself, nor can you ask for things to be prepared a certain way. What's there is all you get.

For lunch there was a choice of chicken nuggets or crispy pork chops, fries and veggies. I got the chicken nuggets as the pork looked super fatty. This is where I went wrong - I chose fries. I did ask for a small amount but I could have skipped that entirely and gone for just vegg. I did have a whack of green beans. Of course only when my plate was clean did I have the light bulb moment.

My eating pattern is so strange here as I'm up at 3:30am and work until 5:30pm.

For supper I got a little wiser I had a very small piece of sheppards pie and then all veggies.

That took me a little off guard today, as did the -10 and a whole whack of snow.

When we got off the plane the pilot warned us that the tarmac was icy and then he said "and it will remain so for the next 6-7 months" We all laughed but that could be for sure.

Met the new group I support, super nice but tough. Felt a little like a job interview in my first meeting. I think I won them over a little. I now sit in a different spot than before and I was a wee lonely this afternoon as I had no peeps around me.

Though I was greeted with enthusiasm all day as I saw people I haven't seen in months.

That will change as I get to know people and my old peeps are still here. I'll see a few tomorrow who weren't here today.

The game plan for tomorrow is to be wiser in the food choices and I'll be home by supper time. That will probably be cereal as I'll be so damn tired.

Hope your Mondays went well.


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Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

How long are you on site for? Can you bring some non-perishable lunch stuff? Like maybe those little cans of flavored tuna, crackers, etc? Or even apples or carrot sticks if they aren't out for too long? Or how about instant oatmeal? You can add dried fruit and/or nuts to it...

I can only imagine how tough it must be to stay on plan when you have no control over your lunch!!