Friday, November 27, 2009

If it was easy everyone would be doing it

Sorry I've been MIA, been a bit busy and plagued with a headache as the weather is changing.

While at site I did attempt the first day of C25K, wowsers that was hard I didn't get all 9 reps in but kept walking. I realize my fitness level has suffered with no regular exercise but this doesn't make me want to give up it makes me want to beat it.

Since then I've had a crazy week. Today is a flexday and the major plan is drop off my passport renewal form and maybe head down to the Body Shop as they have some sort of 3 for $30 deal going on today. I'm obsessed with the lightening touch as an undereye concealor. I've never found anything that comes close to it.

I got the Nike + sensor the other day and now I just need to callibrate it. While I love my garmin I can't use mine on a treadmill and as the weather gets colder and sidewalks get more treacherous I need something to use indoors.

Food this week has been so so and if anything inconsistent. The cookies have started to show up in the office and they live right behind my desk. Happily I'm only there 3 days a week and we're moving soon so hopefully the cookies will live somewhere else. I haven't been totally bad and really don't think I'll see a gain this week but I'm fairly positive I won't see a fabulous loss either.

I use to have fantastic focus on weightloss and then I lost it and it's a been an ongoing challenge trying to get it back. I hate being fat so what the heck is stopping me.

Maybe I do need the accountability of someone else weighing me in as opposed to just me and the bathroom scale. I almost went to a meeting on Wednesday but then told myself you haven't truly embraced online.

I ordered the Beck Diet book after reading about it on other blogs. I know I need to get my focus and emotions in check. I know what to do I just need to get myself to do it. From what I've been hearing about this book I think it helps you figure that out.

My attitude is not defeatist, I'm just a bit frustrated.

I do have absolute faith that I'll figure this out - I just want that sooner rather than later.


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The Glitterati said...

Oh my, I freaked RIGHT out when I saw the 3 for $30 deal in Boston. I stocked up on so much body butter, plus some Vit. C serum and their new Moroccan Rose perfume, which I love. Didja get anything fun?