Monday, November 16, 2009

Coming from site and buying inspiration

Hi ya,

So I'm back in my camp room and computer came with me again. Had a good day tracking everything and stuck to water. Normally I'm drawn by the chocolate milk. The plan was good until dinnertime.

Well at dinner they had meatloaf, I ate half of the portion they gave me. I ate half of the rice and ate all the cauliflower. Then I passed the dessert section and I caved at a small nanaimo bar and a peanut butter cookie. I'm tired but I tracked everything. Still withing points just need to be careful. It's all good as it's early in the week and I've got 5 days to weigh in. A lot can be done in 5 days. Tonight my plan is a shower and bedtime. The 3:30am wake up is seriously wearing on me now. It wasn't super cold today but there was a chill I couldn't shake. So I'm super happy I brought the winter jacket this time.

Tomorrow is easier be good at breakfast and lunch, by the time I get home I have cereal for dinner.

The treadmills were full (there are 3) so workout plans got derailed but Wednesday I'll hit the city gym and a plethora of treadmills.

OMG you guys you've got me on a Christmas shopping for myself kick. First the laptop lunch box, then Shirls talked about the RUME bags (on their way) and Angie impressed me with the smart cafe milk frother (tracking it down). Seriously you're doing all the fact finding for me, it's fantastic.

Plan for tomorrow is track everything as I did today.

Hugs from a spitting distance from Santa a.ka. the far Alberta north.

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