Saturday, November 28, 2009

No more peanut butter/ chocolate for me

Alas I was up .2 this morning. I had an altercation with some mini reese's cups last night brought on by a "last meal" kind of vibe. The reason I bought these things is they're 1pt each that's great if it wasn't a trigger food. I tossed the remaining ones and no more for me.

There are definitely some foods that need to be off limits for me. The everything in moderation is not working in those areas.

I seriously debated mentioning this at all on this blog but to not admit it to you means I'm not being honest with myself. Plus so many of you are so honest with your efforts that it would disrespectful to you to not do it myself.

New week starts today and breakfast is in the online tracker. I had wanted to test out the nike sensor today but a sheet of ice has fallen over my city and sidewalks/roads are treacherous. The gym is a 15min walk or a 4 block walk to the bus stop. I'll see how the day progresses as I expect once the sun warms up that will melt. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm so if all else fails I'll go out then. If I'm stuck inside today I'll break out the yoga/pilates.

Today the focus is also on water. I've completely sucked at that lately. I have a litre sitting right beside me right now.

My amazon order arrived yesterday afternoon with "The Beck Diet solution" book. I'll be cracking that open today, what I like is it's based on cognitive therapy. I definitely believe the mind is a positive tool. I'll definitely share my experiences with this book.

Shaking off the negative and focusing on the positive.


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