Friday, November 13, 2009


Today was a bit odd as I haven't worked a Friday in I can't remember how many weeks. I'm trying to use up all my flexdays before the year is up. Having Wednesday off caused guilt about taking Friday off so I worked.

It was a quiet but busy day and I got a lot done. I tried the Twins at A&W for lunch. Yes I know not the world's greatest choice and a warning to you those mini burgers clock in at 6pts each that's 16g of Fat in each. So that's 12pts for 2 mini burgers. Just as point of reference their normal Baby Burger has half the fat and clocks in at 5pts. It was good I must say and about the same size as a slider burger found at every other restaurant but I had to have edamame (1pt) for supper to make sure I didn't go over points. I won't be ordering that again.

Today was kind of a send off to bad behaviours a sort of mental good bye. As you can tell by reading this blog over the last few days I've been in a mixed head space. One thing I know with absolute certainty is that no pounds will be lost unless I focus. I definitely think I need to start a manual food journal as a visual reminder. The first batch of Christmas cookies landed in the office this week. So it begins....

I return to site next week and I'll be armed with healthy snacks. I'll bring some unsweetened applesauce with me and a couple of all bran bars to ward of crazy hunger. The worst day is the Monday as it's such an obnoxious early start to the day (3:30am) that it throws me off. The 2nd day isn't so bad as I get up at a normal hour and will be back in Calgary by supper time.

At site I need to embrace leaving food on my plate. As I mentioned before they give giant servings but there's is no reason to be a garbage disposal and I can leave food on the plate.

Tomorrow I must remember to take measurements. As it's important to not the non-scale victories as well.

I can do this and so can you.

I was checking out the future recordings on my PVR and I found Biggest Loser: Where/Now?. I have Biggest Loser set up to record automatically but this episode gives updates on more than 40 previous contestant from the first seven seasons. Apparently Bob and Jillian surprise people.

As I was watching BL this week I actually had the thought of " I wonder if they'll ever to a where are they now episode" and tada they are. It airs November 25th.

Alright that's all I got for today.


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