Saturday, November 07, 2009

Down 1.2 - I'll take it

I stepped on the scale this morning with much trepidation as I thought of my rollercoaster week, alas 1.2 down. I was pleasantly surprised.

Head is reset for a new week. As I'm in town all week this coming week the gym bag will be coming to work with that's for sure.

I caught an episode of The Doctors on Friday and they were talking about the right exercises for your body type. I have to go back and look at this again but it definitely caused a bit of light bulb moment.

Remember when I was seeing the trainer and I described these workouts that were super heavy in weight training and not so much cardio? While my endurance increased my weight nor measurements ever really changed that much.

When I first did the the half marathon walking clinic I saw pounds drop and it was mostly cardio.

I'd probably describe myself as an endomorph, I'm not so much pear or apple shaped, more hourglass (thanking the dna). I tend to hold weight everywhere, not just in my lower or upper half. I like to say I'm evenly fat. I don't fall into any of the other categories i.e. lean, athletic, muscular. At any rate it described low impact cardio as the best type of exerise for endomorphs. I truly believe cardio, weight training and stretching are important to everyone, thinking about all that can get super overwhelming.

So my focus exercise wise for this week will be low impact cardio i.e. walking, biking, rowing. My goal is a minimum of 30min per day starting tomorrow.

Total goals for this week is to consistently track and the 30min of low impact cardio per day this week. Per day might be a lot but I want to create a habit. Plus I have zero excused not to dedicate a minimum of 30min a day to this.

I picked up a All Bran brand of bar that I'll talk about more tomorrow. It has an impressive amount of fibre but I haven't calculated all the info on it yet.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.


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