Friday, November 27, 2009

2 in one day!

Yes I felt compelled to blog again.

The renew passport option that the Canadian government now offers is awesome. I had to get passport photos so I just went to the place next door to the passport office. Didn't need the pictures to be signed by anyone because you don't have to for a renewal. Waltzed into the passport office with my old passport and the form I downloaded and shazaam my new passport should be in my mailbox by Dec. 12th.

Then I decided to go the mall to pick up a new journal. I also picked up a new book - Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking. The front of the book had a shout out from Charlaine Harris (who writes the beloved Sookie Stackhouse novels) so I couldn't resist. The mall is under mega renovation but you can see a glimmer of what it will be when done.

I walked from one of downtown to the other.

I discovered a Betsey Johnson store smack on 8th ave. That's very new for Calgary and it's a bit odd to see Betsey on one side of the street and homeless people on the other. It's this new complex across from the Bay called fashion central. It looks like quite a few new stores are moving in as construction was a booming.

On the way home it started to snow, the sky is gray and I think it's a good day to chill with the book. Right now I'm actually watching the Biggest Loser - where are they now. What better inspiration to get myself refocused.

More importantly I've tracked everything damn thing I've eaten today. My new week starts tomorrow but why wait a day to get back on the wagon. I wanted to start right away.

Stay warm my friends.


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