Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home again

Hi ya,
Plane ride home was alright, day went fast/slow. I had a ton to do that sort of showed up unexpectedly then I got slightly overwhelmed. Tomorrow will be dedicated to getting it all straightened out.

I've come to the conclusion staying within points at site is hard. Without nutritional info one must make best guesses or compare to something known. For example it was Chili Con Carne for lunch today. WW says 8pts per cup with beans. There were some beans but not a lot of beans. So I'm thinking I should now save my flexpoints for the days I'm at site.

This will be an adjustment as I'm used to saving them for the weekend. If I want to be a success, sacrifices must be made.

Today was my one year anniversary at my job, it's crazy to think a year has passed. I continue to love what I do so I hope it's many years to come.

A meeting invite went out today in honour of my one year anniversary for wine after work tomorrow. Then I have a concert to go to on Friday. It's a crazy week.

I got the Measure Up Bowls in the mail today. This is was a tricky thing being Canadian as you can't do the quick order option on their website, but if you go to their website and do the contact us option. They will respond and take your order via email. For some reason I wasn't expecting ceramic dishes but I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm testing it out tomorrow with cereal.

Alright I'm zonked but I hope everyone had a fantastic day.



Anonymous said...

Measure up bowls? Wassat??

Good for you for realizing the sacrifices you need to make. You will succeed, you know. You already are. :)

H-woman said...

Hey--can't you pack a well-stocked cooler? Surely there are fridges and microwaves there...fruit, nuts, sammie fixin's, cereal, Lean Cuisine...

I know when Scott worked in camps, he always made a point of getting to know the cooks. See if you can get a copy of their recipes to put in the recipe builder. At least then it's not a guessing game.

Just throwin' it out there...

H =)