Saturday, July 18, 2009


Weigh in this morning resulted in staying exactly the same as last week, I guess I'm blessed on that front as Wed and Thur were rough foodwise, my clean Friday certainly helped.

Did Amy's 20min challenge first thing this morning (exactly 5min of running not all at once) and the picture above is my sweaty hat head. Then I walked to and from the grocery store (4K) and then I got an email from the neighbour asking if I wanted to walk the dog. Well of course I love that dog so I went and picked her up and we did just over 30min. Had a rockstar moment as two toddlers on the route went crazy for the dog. Their little squeals of "puppy" were awfully cute. The dog is hysterical, when she heard them she starts to trot down the sidewalk while looking at them- very model like. I'll take her again tomorrow.

Then I came home and wound up snoozing on the couch for two hours.

I tried the Amazing Grass chocolate today. I put a cup of milk and packet into my magic bullet to mix it well. I'm not so crazy about this on it's own. It kind of tasted like Greens with a bit of chocolate. Now that I have this I definitely think I'll be adding it to smoothies as opposed to just having it with milk.

Things I still need to do today are laundry and entering all my food into Daily Plate, I've got all this week to enter. I'm going to break out the crockpot to make my organic chili will pretty much wind up with a whole whack of veggies. Still planning in my head and I'll probably make it tomorrow. I'll post the final product.
I hope everyone is having a fantastic Saturday.

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The Glitterati said...

Hey, your Friday meals looked great! Making my mouth water... Keep us posted on how you like the Amazing Grass stuff, I've heard such good reviews on its benefits, but I'm strangely reluctant when it comes to mixes and things (no idea why... probably just because they're kinda pricey! :D )