Thursday, July 09, 2009


That was my first thought today as I looked at my Ipod touch and saw the apple logo smack in the centre. Which I've learned to mean - Ipod is having a heart attack. Of course I realize all this with 3 minutes to get out of the door. So all I could do was leave it on the coffee table and grab my samsung mp3.

I was not happy. I have wireless in my house so I download stuff directly to the Ipod without using a computer, therefore it is only saved on the Ipod. When I got home the power was dead and when I recharged it was fine....whew.

My hamstring is still bugging me as I feel it with every step that I take, not very much fun going upstairs either - I discovered today. So I decided to take a day of rest. I did stop off at the library on the way home and walked home (16 blocks). I pass a liquor store on the way so I stopped in to see if they had any Bud Light Lime and I got the last box of cans. I also walked home holding 24 cans. I count that as a bit of a workout.

Tomorrow I may focus more on stretching/yoga and then do Amy's workout on Saturday.

I was a bit tired all day today and I'm so looking forward to tomorrow being Friday. I'll make an attempt to dress western tomorrow - a tradition during Stampede. I was quite surprised to see the extensive stampede wear in my building. There were very few people in normal work clothes.

The weekend will be focused on rest. This coming week I travel a lot and will almost never be home so the true test will be eating out for every meal. Taking next Friday off.

Alright, that's all I got for today.


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The Glitterati said...

Hey! Boourns about your hamstring... I think you are wise to take it easy for a while. No use working through an injury only to find it much more damaged down the line.

They can't seem to keep Bud Light Lime on the shelves here... they were sold out across the city just before Canada Day. Haven't tried it, but The Boy likes it, and with your endorsement too, I'm thinking it must be pretty good.

Glad the iPod sorted itself out... the Grey Apple of Death is awful! (My Mac's video just died, and instead of shelling out $1K for a fix, my supervisor just got me a hilariously massive new iMac. I'm not complaining, but seriously the screen is 4x the size of my head.)