Friday, July 03, 2009

And it begins....

Stampede that is, the 10 day cow folk festival that hits Calgary every year. Filled with midway rides, free pancakes all over the city daily and "goodness knows who thought of this" food options...not to mention a whole lot a beer.

I turned on the local news this morning and witnessed "Taco in a Bag" which is a small bag of doritoes opened length wise and filled with ground beef, sour cream and salsa. Also mentioned was the deep fried jelly beans - also available a deep fried oreo cookie.

The whole thing got kicked off by the parade this morning, I'm not kidding when I say the parade has never been rained on. I caught a few minutes here and there but I wasn't all that in to watching it.

I headed to Walmart first thing this morning to get a new spray nozzle for my garden hose (walked there and back) and then picked up the neighbour's dog for a 5K walk. In a few hours I'm off to dinner at Earl's to see two friends I haven't seen in a very long time.

I ran Earl's through The Daily Plate and a lot of there stuff is in there. I've kept calories fairly low throughout today not completely blow it tonight. I have no clue what I'm having though.

Trainer and I have scheduling issues, he got back to me too late on Thursday to say there was still a session (I had already done a mega workout and had emailed him Tuesday morning to ask the question). Now this coming Thursday he's away and the Thursday after that I'm in Fort McMurray. However he did ask if any other time worked for me this week so now I'm going on Wednesday after work.

Tomorrow my Dad is coming in for a visit and then Sunday will be back to regular schedule as I need to be in a cab at 4:30am.

Can't say I accomplished a lot with these days off but that's o.k to...sometimes it's just nice to have a break.


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