Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to basics

Another long day done and more to look forward to tomorrow. It's been a long time since I worked a Saturday but I found out today I get to re-do all the work that I've spent the last 3! Actually I'm looking forward to in that I'll have a day of things to do. What would kill me is if I had to wait around all day.

Today I rejoined WW online. While I adore the daily plate I think they can work together. It also helps that WW won their diet face off and this year they're pitching WW against Bob Greene's program. When it comes right down to it the most successful I've ever been with weight loss has been with WW and I can still recall points - not to mention this blog is named WW For Life. I'm hesitant to go back to meetings for a few reasons and one is cost. Online is cheaper and I have multiple versions of the printed materials to complement that.

My eating has been pure crap for the week. Eating lunch out every day and out to dinner twice this week. Healthy options have not been on the top of my list. My goal for next week is to pack my lunch and hit the gym every day even it's just for 30min on a treadmill. Another reason for going to back to WW is I find it easier to count points then calories.

I'm starting back at the beginning with a clean slate.


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louiserun said...

I am a member of WW on-line and also a life time member. You can follow certain diet themes, eg. good quality carbs, low glycemic, etc and count the points. I have been following both, counting points and just eating filling foods but counting points wins hands down for me in losing the pounds. I also have a library of diet books and WW is probably the one that makes the most sense. I enjoy reading your postings. I have started a blog and the address is as follows:
I have written a posting about weight and what it boils down for me in the end.