Saturday, July 11, 2009

He speaks russian in french

That line comes from a beer commercial that just made me laugh at loud. The narrator's voice just adds the icing on the cake.

I did sleep in today and it was awesome. Breakfast today was oatmeal, with unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 a box of organic raisins. Totally yummy and kept me full for a long time. Note to self - maybe I should do that more often.

I then went to the grocery store as I needed a few things. Walked there and back which is about 4km. Hamstring was twinging a bit but on the road to recovery. On the top of my list was spinach and the only option I had was a giant container, got some organic yogurt, organic milk and El Molino Multigrain Tortilla Chips.

When I got home I transferred the spinach into garden ziploc bags as it fit easier in my fridge. I knew spinach had to factor into a meal today so I tried to re-create the salad I had at Earl's.

I also picked up a Renee Tangerine Lime Vinagrette salad dressing (35cal/ table spoon). No champagne vinagrettes at Safeway. In the salad was spinach, 1/4 avocado, a smidgen of goat cheese, red onions, strawberries and 4 oz of chicken that I grilled on the Cuisinart griddler

I wanted to really focus on tracking today as that has been my downfall lately. I totally believe that's the key to staying on track. I love Daily Plate and I really like seeing the breakdown of the fat/carbs/protein and not just calories.

For supper I really wanted nachos, hence the El Molino purchase. Ridiculous amount of fibre in these too. This time I actually weighed the tortilla chips, 50g is a serving/ approx 20 chips. I know I normally go a little overboard with the amount of chips. I had grilled a little red pepper as I was grilling chicken earlier so I added that as well at tomatoes, red onion and mozza/cheddar with salsa on the side.

The huge challenge this coming week will be not being able to totally control my food options. I face this every week with being on site Monday and Tuesday and that's usually when my tracking falls apart. I can access Daily Plate at work but it's not always that convenient to update like I do when I'm at home at the end of the day. Still there's no excuse as to why I stop tracking. The thing with site is I have no idea what the options will be for that day and it's a cafeteria style so everything is already prepared, you can't say no this or no that in terms of preparation, it's totally up to choosing wisely. I like what Fatbridesmaid does with the notebook. I'm not that organized to pre-enter everything that far ahead of time but I could write stuff down and add it when I have a chance.
The other challenge for me is consistent exercise in terms of covering weights, cardio and flexibility. I need to put together a training program as I've found that works in the past. Now that I've truly seen what's available at site I think I can do that better now. I'll post something about that later as I sort it out. I was flipping channels today and I found the Viva channel and show called Tosca- Flexing at 49. Tosca is the clean eating entrepreneur. I have her cook book. But holy smoke she's got a fantastic body. Very inspiring I would have to say.
I have total respect for all of you who add all the pictures of your food to you blog. I tried it today as you can see and can't see myself doing it all the time just due to the pain of moving the pictures around. So kudos to all of you.
I'm happy to say I've tracked everything today and I'm totally on plan. Here's to repeating the whole thing tomorrow.


Bev P aka Hockeygal4ever said...

I love the daily plate too! Keep up the good work. Remember you are human. Take it one day at a time!

The Glitterati said...

Ohmigod that salad looks amazing! And the tangerine-lime dressing sounds better to me than the Champagne one anyway.

Congrats on tracking so well, and the fabulous pictures. I know this is the real reason I could never start a food blog (aside from my dubious cooking skills): I am way too lazy to deal w/ photos.

I must also say that I totally love those Garden Fresh ziplocs. Greens keep so much better in those bags... amazing!

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

I love those Dos Equis ads. There's a bunch of them if you look them up on YouTube. Hilarious.