Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend is over :(

My attempt to sleep in today resulted in waking up at 6am, I literally said heck no to that so I managed to snooze for awhile longer.

Breakfast was two pieces of organic cinnamon raisin toast with a teaspoon of Olivina margarine on each slice and a glass of milk.

Stepped on the scale and briefly wished I had made Sundays my weigh in day as there was a loss.

Then I had to head downtown to Origins to pick up a Peace of Mind On The Spot for a co-worker at site. She had a headache one day and I always have one these in my bag so just rub it on earlobes, temples and the back of your neck and shazaam. I remember when I first tried it, they were sampling it at The Bay and I did have a headache and in 10min it felt much better. Well she asked me to pick some up for her as she lives in Fort Mac.

I came right back home again but by then my eating pattern was thrown off. I find this a challenge on the weekends. At work I have very scheduled meal times which makes it easier to plan and I find if that gets tossed off it messes me up. For example I usually have lunch around 11:30ish, today I didn't have lunch until 1:45pm so it turns into a bit of snackfest (today an incident with Ben&Jerry's Chunky Monkey) because I'm indecisive about what to eat. Then the snackfest effects supper because I'm not really hungry. This doesn't happen the whole weekend but usually at least one day on the weekend.

I just need to schedule mealtimes on weekends too.

This whole weightloss journey can be a funny thing. You need to know what you're doing. I was talking to another co-worker at site last week. She's new and we were in the take-out kitchen (where one can pack lunch or snacks as the main kitchen shuts down at 8am, opens again 12-1:30 and closes until 5pm). As we're walking along picking up fruit she tells me she's sort of following weightwatchers. I told her I'm fluent in points. First she asks me if popcorn is 0pts. I tell her it depends on how much you have and what type but it's not usually 0pts. So she's telling me her friend said it was 0 and about this microwave stuff she has that's super low.

Later in the day she shows it to me and it's regular butter 12g of fat in half a bag popcorn. Then she tells me she's following WW on the fly - not signed up for meeting and not doing it online. Whoa, she then tells me she's been having a bag a night because she thought it was 0pts.

Even though I've taken a break from WW, I'm a strong believer in following it correctly so I told her if she's not going to sign up try Daily Plate.

It was funny I was coming back from the grocery store yesterday and I saw people going into my old meeting, it made me feel a bit of a twinge. Going back is definitely in the back of my head.

Alright so I'm off to site again this week and have a very early wake up time. I'm going to repeat last week and make sure to get a workout in while there. Trainer returns this week and I'm committed to two additional trips to the gym when back in Calgary.

Have a fantastic week everyone!


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